Berry Green Superfood Powder

Superfoods can sometimes be difficult to bring together in the right proportions. You may need a certain amount to boost various issues in your daily diet. Because of that you may be doing a ton of research trying to figure it all out. Instead, you can use a superfood powder. One that may be ideal for you is the Berry Green Superfood Powder.

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What is the Berry Green Superfood Powder?

Berry Green Superfood Powder is a 30 serving container that allows you to add a boost of superfoods directly to juices, foods, and smoothies. You can also mix it with protein powder based drinks before or following a workout. The powder formula contains goji berries, raspberry, acai berries, as well as other vegan friendly superfoods in powder form.

What Makes It Different?

There are several things that make the Berry Green Superfood Powder stand out from others of its kind. It is carefully processed with the goal of non-gritty integration in mind. This means it will mix easily into cold or warm drinks, juices, smoothies, and recipes without living a gritty fiber like feel. The flavor is also geared to be less bitter than most superfood powders on the market. They do this by adding monk fruit juice to give it sweetness and to help with digestibility. There are also active cultures in the powder to help with digestion throughout the day.

How Practical is it to Use in a Routine?

The powder is very easy to adapt into your normal plant-based routine if you use juicing and smoothies as part of that routine. Though the powder can be used in recipes, it may not always blend as well as it is stated to.

In fact, you may end up with issues with some grit if you are using it in certain recipes like soups. If you do plan on using this powder, use it daily and in the morning to get the most benefit from the superfoods. Also, make sure you are using it in a liquid and blending it well. Some people do use the past option with this powder.

This is done by mixing the powder with water and creating a thick paste that can be added to the juice or smoothie. This helps “cook” or breakdown the powder a bit giving you a smoother option to add to the mixtures you are making.

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