Orange Energy Burst Smoothie Recipe

Feeling a bit fatigued lately and need some extra energy boost in smoothie form? This recipe for Orange Burst Smoothie is for you! Combining cinnamon, oranges, and carrots in this anti-oxidant rich drink that’s packed with the goodness of vitamin A, C, and E, fiber, and lots of protein!

blueberry cheesecake smoothie

Cheesecake without the guilt? Try this blueberry and fresh ricotta concoction for a full meal in smoothie form. You’ll get loads on anti-oxidants, tummy-filling protein, and satisfy your sweet tooth at once! Plus, the berries are a fantastic energy source that will keep you fueled up all day.

Soy Coffee Latte Smoothie

Craving some of your favorite caffeine-laden concoctions but worried about the extra calories and tons of sugar present in store-bought drinks? Make your own energy boosting caffeine fix with this recipe for soy latte smoothie that uses only 3 ingredients. Who says you can’t have your coffee and ‘eat’ it too?

peaches and cream smoothie

On a smoothie diet but missing some of your favorite desserts? Then this peaches and cream smoothie is perfect for you! This recipe can be served 3-ways: dessert/snack, a meal, or freeze in popsicle molds for a healthy frozen treat! The best part is that the flax seed, peaches and almond milk will provide you…

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