Terrasoul Raw Cocao Powder

Terrasoul Raw Cacao Powder When you first started a plant-based diet plan, you may have heard of cacao powder as a superfood alternative for several chocolate based options on other diets. There are several misconceptions about this superfood from how to use it to what to use it in. The truth is there are certain…

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superfoods weight loss

Superfoods For Weight Loss Weight loss is something many people want to achieve, but aren’t really sure how to get started. If you want to lose weight, there are many different methods, from the types of workouts you should do to how much you need to eat. In terms of your nutrition, you need to…

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Healthy green smoothies

How to Make Smoothies an Easy Part of Your Routine By now you are probably excited about the health-boosting possibilities of smoothies. You also probably have a busy life. You may find it difficult to squeeze smoothie-making time into your already hectic schedule. Don’t worry. The following tips and hacks will help you fit delicious…

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Orange Energy Burst Smoothie Recipe

Feeling a bit fatigued lately and need some extra energy boost in smoothie form? This recipe for Orange Burst Smoothie is for you! Combining cinnamon, oranges, and carrots in this anti-oxidant rich drink that’s packed with the goodness of vitamin A, C, and E, fiber, and lots of protein!

Protein Packed Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate lovers will have a field day over this satisfying smoothie that’s perfect for any time of the day. The recipe also doubles as a popsicle recipe, just what you need for very warm days or after a long run! The best part is the high levels of protein in this smoothie are a powerful…

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pinacolada smoothie

Love pineapples and coconut? Why not enjoy them both in this refreshingly delicious tropics-inspired pinacolada smoothie? The recipe can easily be adjusted to cater to fruit lovers and coconut junkies alike! Plus, pineapple has been proven to boost immunity, so it’s a great smoothie to enjoy during cold and flu season.

Immune Support Kiwi Cooler Smoothie Recipe

Do you know that kiwi can help make you sleep better when eaten about an hour before bed? It is also rich in vitamin C, making it one of the best fruits to have when you’re fatigued or stressed. Cucumber has plenty of B-vitamins which are needed by the body because they support adrenal function,…

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apple papaya smoothie

Who would have thought that these two fruits would make for a great combination? Sweet and tart apples mixed with juicy papaya in a base of almond milk and silken tofu makes for a protein-rich smoothie that’s full of fruity goodness! The apple contains skin boosting enzymes that will help you maintain a youthful appearance…

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dairy free double melon smoothie

There’s just something so refreshing and delicious about melons that they are one of the favorite fruits to use in smoothies; but why stop at one when you can have two? This double melon smoothie is perfect for brunch, mid-day slump, or something to recharge you after a grueling day at the gym.

chocolate strawberry smoothie

 Classic combinations are near impossible to beat, and that can’t be truer when it comes to smoothies! This chocolate and strawberry smoothie is a great staple recipe to have in your arsenal. The ingredients are available year-round, very delicious, and quite filling as well. When you need a tasty smoothie treat to make eating healthy…

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Smoothie Ingredients

Best 10 Smoothie Ingredients When it comes to making a smoothie, there are so many different ingredients to choose from. There are countless different types of fruits, nuts and seeds and that’s before you even get started with liquid ingredients. That’s why today I’m going to help you narrow this choice by highlighting 10 of…

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4. Pour unto a glass and sprinkle with some cinnamon. Cinnamon has great anti-inflammatory properties, making it the perfect thing to spice up this apple and carrot combination smoothie. Makes 1 16-oz serving that’s perfect for breakfast or snack.

Have a boost of anti-oxidants and some fiber in this delightfully simple protein-packed breakfast smoothie. The anti-oxidants work wonders for your skin while the fiber promotes optimal digestion. With no added sugars and using just the basic ingredients, you’d be surprised why you haven’t had this sooner! 

Berry Vanilla Sensation Smoothie Recipe

Berry Breakfast Smoothie Recipe For Health and Energy This quick video will show how easy it is to make super nutritious breakfast smoothies that pack a powerful punch. Once you start having a smoothie for breakfast you will wonder how you ever got through the morning without one! I love smoothies because unlike most recipes,…

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Berry Powerful Smoothie Recipe

Breakfast Smoothie Recipe Berries are just packed full of nutrition, they are low in calories and are just so good for you. When we consume berries in smoothies, the maximum nutrition from the fruit is extracted. Our body can immediately put it to good use as it’s already blended. They pack a powerful punch of…

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