Superfoods - Coconuts

  Coconuts: What Makes Them a Superfood? A superfood is defined as one that provides more than what is listed on the nutritional label. Coconuts are a great example of that, but many people shy away from coconut oil because of its high saturated fat content.  But its fat is different and is actually good…

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health benefits of green smoothies

  8 Common Green Smoothie Mistakes to Avoid There are mistakes you can make when undertaking any health plan. Avoid the following 8 commonly made green smoothie mistakes and your blended path to health and well-being will provide the most benefits, and the fewest headaches. Using too many fruits. Remember, using too many fruits and…

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Healthy green smoothies

  How to Make Smoothies an Easy Part of Your Routine By now you are probably excited about the health-boosting possibilities of smoothies. You also probably have a busy life. You may find it difficult to squeeze smoothie-making time into your already hectic schedule. Don’t worry. The following tips and hacks will help you fit…

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14 Best Greens to Include in Your Smoothie

  14 Best Greens to Include in Your Smoothie We discussed the incredible health properties of kale in a previous article. The following green fruits and veggies also have the ability to deliver certain physical and mental benefits. Listed alongside each piece of produce are a few of the known health advantages of eating that…

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Green Smoothie Recipe

  The Basic Green Smoothie Formula or Recipe Ask 10 different people and you may get 10 different responses to the following question. “What is the definition of a smoothie?” Health gurus and other smoothie enthusiasts are not any clearer on exactly what is required for a beverage to be called a smoothie. Some say…

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fresh vegetables and fruits for smoothies

  Why Choose Smoothies with Greens Over Fruits? There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting fruits in your smoothies. The average person these days doesn’t get enough vegetables and fruits in their diet. Any time you choose fresh produce over processed food, junk food, sugar, salt, refined flour and other unhealthy food items and ingredients,…

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Green smoothies

  Health Benefits of Green Smoothies You see smoothies everywhere these days, juice and smoothie bars and retail outlets going by names like Jamba Juice, Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie Café. They sell blended fruit and vegetable drinks that are usually chilled, and could contain a wide variety of ingredients such as honey, syrup, sugar,…

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Green smoothies checklist

  Green Smoothies Checklist   “Eat your greens.” You have heard it from your parents and from health gurus. Aside from that, you know yourself that eating greens is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. A cool, frosty smoothie is a refreshing treat, and when you build it around green veggies and fruits that…

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Orange Energy Burst Smoothie Recipe

Feeling a bit fatigued lately and need some extra energy boost in smoothie form? This recipe for Orange Burst Smoothie is for you! Combining cinnamon, oranges, and carrots in this anti-oxidant rich drink that’s packed with the goodness of vitamin A, C, and E, fiber, and lots of protein!

Protein Packed Banana Chocolate Smoothie

Chocolate lovers will have a field day over this satisfying smoothie that’s perfect for any time of the day. The recipe also doubles as a popsicle recipe, just what you need for very warm days or after a long run! The best part is the high levels of protein in this smoothie are a powerful…

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pinacolada smoothie

Love pineapples and coconut? Why not enjoy them both in this refreshingly delicious tropics-inspired pinacolada smoothie? The recipe can easily be adjusted to cater to fruit lovers and coconut junkies alike! Plus, pineapple has been proven to boost immunity, so it’s a great smoothie to enjoy during cold and flu season.

Immune Support Kiwi Cooler Smoothie Recipe

Do you know that kiwi can help make you sleep better when eaten about an hour before bed? It is also rich in vitamin C, making it one of the best fruits to have when you’re fatigued or stressed. Cucumber has plenty of B-vitamins which are needed by the body because they support adrenal function,…

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apple papaya smoothie

Who would have thought that these two fruits would make for a great combination? Sweet and tart apples mixed with juicy papaya in a base of almond milk and silken tofu makes for a protein-rich smoothie that’s full of fruity goodness! The apple contains skin boosting enzymes that will help you maintain a youthful appearance…

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Good Morning Green Smoothie

They say that you should never, ever skip breakfast but we all know how that is often easier said than done. With this tasty and refreshing green smoothie, you’ll have all the motivation you need to get out of your bed in the morning and start your day right. The secret is in the pineapples,…

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