The Best Superfoods for Vegans

Being vegan is not easy. You have to be careful about everything you eat to ensure it
doesn’t have animal products of any kind in the ingredients list. For this reason, many
vegans have moved to cooking for themselves and sticking to strict locations and stores
for their foods. If you are starting a vegan path, you may be trying to ensure that you
keep your body healthy during the transition and that means adding superfoods.

Here are a few of the superfoods for vegans to help give your body the healthy  boost it needs.



Ginger is something you should eat if you are vegan for several reasons. Ginger helps
reduce stomach inflammation that can occur when you first start a vegan diet. This is
especially true if you are coming off a heavy meat and dairy diet or if you are trying a
raw vegan diet. Your body may go into a slight bit of shock and inflammation. You can
add ginger to vegan soups, smoothies, and even juices. Try to get an organic ginger
and use the ginger root rather than getting a ginger powder since the powder may not
have the potency you need.


Turmeric is usually used as a spice in things like curry. It can also be used to help with
inflammation throughout the body including joint pain and inflammation following long

People with fibromyalgia also use turmeric to help with inflammation. In
addition to helping with this issue, turmeric can also be very valuable to vegans since it
can help flush toxins from the body.

The easiest way to use turmeric in your vegan diet  is to mix it with warm nut based milk such as almond milk. This mixture is called golden
milk and can be consumed in 8 to 12 ounce amounts each day. This may be bitter, so  you can add vegan vanilla or use a nut based milk that has vanilla in it to help cut the

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Sometimes, when you change to a vegan diet, you may not feel as full as you did on
other diet plans or lifestyles. One way to combat this while sticking to your vegan
lifestyle is to go with sweet potatoes. You can bake these ahead of time and add them
in place of pasta to most meals. You can also have them alongside superfood based
vegetables or with sautéed spinach. You will notice that you feel filled up and satisfied.
They will give you vitamins and minerals, but also will help you with digestion as well.

Keep in mind, most vegan foods do fall under superfoods list. The ideal use of the
superfoods would be to ensure that you are meeting your specific body needs. For
example, you may want to focus on colon and liver health or on weight loss and thus
take that focus to the right superfoods for you.

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