Superfoods to Help With Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is an illness that can lead to chronic pain and inflammation among other
issues. Though your doctor can prescribe certain pain relieving medications for you, you
may find that these medications only mask the pain and the inflammation is still there.

There are other methods you can use to help with fibromyalgia including yoga and
chiropractic care.

What some sufferers of this illness do not realize is that superfoods  can help as well.

Superfoods for Fibromyalgia

Here are the superfoods for fibromyalgia to consider that are easy to find, easy to
incorporate, and budget friendly.

Wild Fish

Salmon, cod, and even catfish can help you with your fibromyalgia issues. Keep in mind
that most of the issues associated with fibromyalgia are connected to inflammation and
the pain associated with that inflammation.

There are of course other issues, but this is  the main one that most sufferers seem to have.

Omega 3 fatty acids and DHA can help  with the inflammation, joint stiffness, and pain.

You can either eat fresh wild fish in a  grilled or broiled format or you can take the fish oil pillsif that is easier. Either way you
can get the benefit of the superfoods and help reduce your issues.

Lean Proteins

There are several lean proteins that are considered to be superfoods. Chicken and
salmon are among them. By taking in these lean proteins you can help reduce pain in
the body and help give your body the nutrients and protein it needs without giving
yourself the bad fats or carbs that may be associated with other foods. Lean proteins
also help if you are trying options like yoga to help with your chronic pain or if you are
moving into other exercises to help reduce weight that can be causing pain and
fibromyalgia complications.


Spinach can give your body the iron it needs and may be lacking if you are on any kind
of prescription medications. Remember, some of the medications can help with pain
while reducing the minerals that your system needs to function on a normal basis. This
means you are in a constant game of trying to replace in order to reduce. Instead, add
spinach to your diet along with other superfood greens like kale.

If you have issues with your fibromyalgia in the morning, more so than at night, consider
making a superfood juice or smoothie that will get the benefits to your body quickly and
give you some relief as well. If you have the issues at night, consider incorporating the
superfoods into a dinner that will have time to work on your system overnight.

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